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DJ Chris Bernard has been playing for many years through the international event scene. He is very much in the mood for the audience with cool party music - sounds from Deep House, Electro House and the current dance floor. His current residence locations include Kempinski Hotels, Club Resort Aldiana & Robinson. DJ Chris Bernard Is also World-wide in his career as a disc-jockey booked. About the Cities of London - Zurich - Prague - Bratislava - Vienna - Merano and Bolzano there was even over regional gave a booking to Astana in Kazakhstan and Chicago Hyde.

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DJ Chris Bernard - a international booked DJ from Munich @ London

The art of a real professional DJ like me is: the mixing together and combining the repertoire of music to a cocktail for the senses, which makes anyone sit no more quiet - music can play Spotify too!

Party Music - Always good mood @ my international Event`s

  • As a Top DJ International, who has been active in DJing for over 30 years, I am proud to say that I have been able to perform a lot of cool parties in my responsibilities in DJing and entertainment. I could experience emotional and exuberant moments with the guests I still remember.


  • Many bookings were international. Especially at weddings, different nationalities often meet. So I had already: Bulgarian & Brazilian - Italian & Albanian - Turkish & Swedish - Norway & Austria - more times Greek & German - Russian & German - Chinese & German - Indian & German - England & German.


  • I was particularly happy when my audience at the event was celebrating and dancing until the early hours of the morning and took leave with an applause at the end of the event. Very many of these guests or hosts have booked me to their next event again.

Pictures say more than a thousand words - let us convince you

Sustainability is the best reference and recommendation - 97% have booked me again!

97% returning customers as well as many long-term bookings from recommendations over a year in advance, are the result of my professional service as a DJ and thus provide the "1a" references.

Qualifications and Competencies - I offer from 1,500 events:

  • Professional DJ experience and the ability to operate various music players - controller - light equipment and microphone technology.
  • Experiences in an upscale hotel or resort, in the entertainment or leisure industry.
  • Experiences with moderation in front of large groups.
  • Experiences in intergenerational laying.
  • Extensive knowledge of current party and disco music, 60s to 2000s hits, electronics, rock music, hits as well as evergreens & classics.
  • Basic understanding of DJ events - for all ages including Kids & Teens.
  • Easy access to people and high communication skills with entertainment value.
  • Stress-resistant and conflict-experienced.
  • Mastery of the English language.
  • Safe and confident appearance, good manners.
  • Strong communication skills, organizational talent, problem-solving skills, decision-making and social skills.

If you want to make a musical impression, please visit my separate music platforms: Deep House - Groove - you will also find more mixes on Soundcloud and YouTube