Event DJ @ Ferris Wheel with Akku DJ & Sound System

Ferris Wheel with DJing in Cabin
DJ mit Setup im Riesenrad

I work booths of Ferris wheels with battery-operated systems and can create a sound system with a set and LED lighting in places without a power connection within 5 minutes, with the least amount of space and an attractive design. With this system, for example, in the cabins of Ferris wheels in the London Eye, Vienna Prada and Munich all around, the organizers, operators and guests have been enthusiastic.


Every great Country in the World have those Attraktion. 

DJ Technik im Riesenrad

I use for Event in a Cabin of Ferris Wheel Setup, only smallest but best DJ Equipment. It's only Wireless, Akku and best Sound System by Bose.


By the Way on Sightseeing Tours, a finish in Cabin on a Ferris Wheel, with a good Sound, would be the highest pleasure for all the People.